Wednesday, December 30, 2009


woohooooo! my first rock the world experience and it was tight!! like REALLY tight.i went a little too early though,arrived at about 12pm++.naz was there with her friend,zul.we strolled around a little,checked out some of the bands that were performing and apparently we bumped into a couple of renown indie music figures like joanna,dhiya izwin from otherside orchestra,hanafi (ehemmmm!!) ,dude from couple and mooky from OBS.can't upload pics as of now,i'll try afterwards,there was supposed to be a meet & greet with all the bands who were going to perform at the main stage.BUT!! there was a catch.we had to pay rm20 worth of I-Talk prepaid card to get a meet & greet with only one band.luckily i brought money,so i bought rm20 for pop shuvit,then i gave the card to kak yaya,she bought one for bunkface for me.gave my cards to her since her house uses I-Talk and mine doesn''s a very fair trade if you ask me.moving on,pop shuvit's meet & greet was supposed to be held at about 3.30pm but it had to be postponed due to the rain.yet,it was a gentle shower and no one actually we decided to check out all the stages: indie stage,chillout stage and of course,the main stage.we met kuachee at the indie stage,and jason lo somewhere around the main stage.suddenly the rain started to fall a little bit more heavily,and before we knew it,we're trapped in a heavy downpour.everyone was running for shelter and yet again,we met enha & we then moved from one shelter to another until we reached the TM booth.there was this accoustic band performing various cover songs,including M.Nasir's infamous single 'Apokalips',which the lyrics go 'apa nak jadi akan terjadi,hujan pasti berhenti',translated it means 'whatever will be will be,the rain will stop somehow'.
so there was this group of boys,a HUGE group as a matter of fact,who were stranded in the rain.the organizer provided them with an extra portable tent for shelter.when they heard the accoustic band performing,no words this clip: the meet & greet went on after the rain subsided.we waited eagerly for the Shuvits to arrive.the first two were Rudy and AJ.they jokingly said it was as if they were participating in Explorace,having to rush into their cars parked in quite a distant place during the rain and rush back to the meet & greet booth.Uno and moots arrived next.kak yaya,naz and I were a little shy to ask for a photo with them so we took their pictures instead.then moots was friendly enough to volunteer in becoming out photographer and asked us to take individual pictures with the four of them took a group photo.just then,we heard someone saying 'cheeeeeeeeeseeeeee!!' behind was cikgu with his camera phone.what the??? haha.i wasn't in the mood at the moment so i didn't really had much of a conversation with the SHuvits,well not until cikgu arrived.he started asking me questions about guitars and such,and he called me his anak murid, :DD kinda cool actually.then they had some press conference so kak yaya and i decided to talk to AJ's wife,hazreen.she's a very nice person to be honest.we then broke off with the Shuvits and headed to the mainstage to wait for their was practicly after the rain so the area was all muddy and filled with puddles and was hell during monoloque's performance when the audience went wild and started jumping all over.kak yaya and i were soaking wet but that didn't stop us from staying there.i texted cikgu and he told me pop shuvit was right after the pilgrims,which was 5 bands away! we decided to back off form the crowd and went to the TM booth since i had a meet & greet with bunkface.the fellers weren't that friendly nor respectful,but anyway,what the hay,i got to meet them.we watched a couple of performances,alternately switching from one stage to another.among those we managed to catch were the otherside orchestra,liyana fizi,joanna & co,rashdan harith,yuna,one buck short,pesawat,bunkface and of course POP SHUVIT!! we almost missed the Shuvits's performance since we were too distracted watching joanna at the time.luckily i saw moots on the big screen,and eventually kak yaya and i rushed to the main stage.they sang Oh sizuka and usual,an astounding performance.everything went well until it was bunkface's turn.the crowd was too rude,throwing bottles and boo-ing the band when they performed was very unfortunate for them since the lighting and audio got a little screwed up during their performance as the closing band for the night.also,i didn't like how the crowd was flirting with us,it was really disturbing that we decided to move further to the front.but it doesn't stop there,when my sister came to fetch me,her car battery went dead and we were stranded at bukit jalil for almost 3 this point,i would like to thank the concert-attenders who offered their assistance.kak yaya spent the night at my house since it was already 3am when we got back.overall,the weather wasn't favourable throughout the whole event yet i must say that I am personally touched by the cooperations of fellow malaysians,helping eachother out when anyone falls among the crowd,sharing shelter,togetherness and such regardless of was truly an amazing experience.
so that was it folks,my first ever Rock The World coming soon.

i'll shut down this blog soon,and make a new one.too congested.

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