Sunday, February 28, 2010


yes,one simple word that could change the can be either good or bad,depending on your intentions.birthdays are supposed to last 24 hours,which explains why i say mine is not over yet despite the fact that birthday wishes have stopped flowing as rapidly as,it's fact,i've decided to give myself a gift,by being a new person.i will stand least for things that upset me,and truly appreciate things that cause otherwise.i'm a,as i believe what could have been 'it' came into vanity,i have erased each and every spec of trace that resorts to memories relating to the likes of 'you'.'you' are not worth my pennies,my words,my tears,my time or even my thoughts.'you' don't deserve me.'you' never existed,never did and never will.everything was so surreal and right now i have a thousand i say,farewell.may we not see each other again for i have been,i have justified my stand.there is no way will there be a second chance for you or my false hopes and dreams.this time i mean it.and yes,it's a major relief and i am glad i erased and got rid off everything.past will be past,not remembering it will lead to a silly repetition,therefore it will be among the historical archives,a torch,that shines the pathway to the downfoot and uphill destinations.this will never ever happen again,this i promise you,from the bottom of my heart,with my eyes facing the mirror,a vow that shall never be broken no matter what.

good bye wishful thoughts.

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