Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pointlessly Delicious

somehow,i managed to get over mr papa bear (at least for once) but the bad news is i've developed a very unhealthy obsession for chicken..errr i mean,MIKA! it's worse than obsession for food OR shopping because it involves mental health instead of financial or physical health.

this yummy boy got me staring at the desktop for hours and hours without shifting to anything else! all i ever googled/youtubed for are his's crazy isn't it?and as you all know,*cough* i am the malaysian mfc representative.apart from studying and guitars,i keep spending my time and putting a HUMONGOUS effort in organizing the Malaysian Blame It On The Girls Dance Event,surveying venues,inviting people to join,promoting..sometimes when i got back to reality,i think it's getting out of hand.i'm only 17 and i'm acting as if i'm a major publicist of some sort.nevertheless,my dear readers,don't take this as a rant.i'm not complaining,i love my job but i am partially aware of my current mental only source of happiness seems to be my moments with God,my family,my guitar and mika.i can't depend on friends OR my hopeless love friends are living their own lives and i should be living mine.but anyway,enough with the negative side of it.let's look back at the few couple of years without mika.

life without mika is a trending topic among the mfc-ers.some would say there was no life,some would say too regular and some just remained for me,my life was perfectly normal and i wasn't as mentally disturbed (to be very honest),ahaha.but there was no colour to is just ordinary.i wear ordinary clothes,i like what people want me to like- a major miss a shorter note,i had no backbone.i tried very hard to blend in with everyone by being someone i'm not,it was hell.

afterwards,somehow,i came to an epiphany.i was watching MTV and i saw a really unique music video.

the music was beautiful as well as solemn and moving.odd,but there's something about it.i couldn't catch the name of the artist.he's gorgeous and very different form all the other stars i've watched and adored (except for michael jackson).after awhile,i assumed the song was entitled 'Happy Ending'and before i knew it,i was a member of his my desktop and hard drive are flooded with his pictures and music.even my CD collections consists 75% of Mika music.i don't know if this addiction is supposed to be a good thing or otherwise,but what i do know is the fact that his presence in my life (despite not knowing him personally)somewhat changes a lot about me.i appeal my true colour,wear whatever i want and basically do anything that makes me happy (based on rationale of course).so far,life has been treating me well.mika's music spoke to me a lot.he has been through some really tough times but that's what makes him who he is.he may not give out obvious messages like michael used to,but he speaks through his music in his own ways.

and that's why i love MIKA!

lately,i've became very ignorant about love.i just don't feel the need of it.i'm not desperate,i can be happy with or without,right now,if asked,i will admit that i'm in love,not with papa bear but with my MIKA :)

mika mika mika!

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