Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs That I'm In Love ... Part 1

i'm a predictable person,my personality is as expressive as can be,so these are among obvious signs to tell whether or not i'm in love.(and i'm afraid that these signs are starting to show themselves as the days go by)

1.whenever i do work,i'll try to do the best i can.i'll make up an effort to basically complete it as fast and as perfect as possible,but now that i'm in love,that diligence of mine is sometimes simultaneous with the occasional smile on my,not those maniac smiles,more to the dreamy kind of smile.STILL FOCUSED! but not as nerdy.

2.i usually play my music to myself,and find it hard to write about something.when i'm in love,inspiration just flows in like a stream of comes pouring in like it's guitar will be played non-stop,mostly at places where i can face the greenery and fresh air!

to be continued...

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