Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Of A Rock Legend

it's april 18th,officially,in Malaysian timezone (8+) that you know what that means? it's Mark Tremonti's birthday! FYI,he's one of my biggest influence in music despite him playing a different kind of rock compared to mine.he's my second most favourite guitarist after billie joe armstrong from green day.creed is awesome,not only music wise,but also in terms of their may sound more to the gospel side,but if you read between the lines,it's mainly humanity and not Christianity.undeniably,we can say creed's music is able to shake the world in the strength of the guitar riffs (by mark tremonti),the deep vocals by scott stapp,the thundering bass and the roaring drumbeats.since the first time i heard 'My Sacrifice',i knew this band was something,and will always be something.

so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! you've inspired me so much with your quotes and guitarist philosophies.may i become a legend just like you :')

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