Friday, May 14, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 10

celebrating the 10th episode!! *applause* but what the heck,it's not like anyone's even a faithful follower to begin with.this week's been hectic and there's been a lot of twists and turns in the storyline that ben is off the hook,marlon becomes the new issue,and no,i'm not saying he's as annoying as ben.take a look and be the judge..(yes i know this draft is two weeks old,i was busy,lol..)

i was late for school.i just wished i walked a little bit slower,since i saw alex being a few meters behind me.damn,these feelings are killing me.haven't i learnt enough that love is just gonna get me in trouble,give me more wrinkles and acne?i walked on and saw marlon in one corner.i wanted to wave at him but all he did was stare at me it the most awkward way.i didn't really bother to greet him afterwards,not really sulking,just more to the sense of trying to avoid yet another awkward moment.i came to my seat.there's nothing in my head but ily's theory of marlon having a crush on me.i wish it would just go away.i love being friends with marlon,i love his company.he's always sweet and caring and all,but i can't picture the both of us being more than that.maybe not yet.we wouldn't know.but one thing is for sure,i don't want to make an ass of him and me,so i'm not gonna assume anything just yet.i can't believe i actually avoided him afterwards just to get rid off the's pretty bad since he's been nothing but nice to me and all.i hope he'll be the way,it's alex's birthday tomorrow and i bought him a gift :)

the teacher's day performance is only 2 days teammates and i were having last minute preparations.synchronizing my guitar playing with aqil's is tough,let alone synchronizing the parody sketches with our live music.we were so nervous.we gathered at the empty form 4 block after school to practice.ily tagged along and saw marlon there with us,straying from his performance group.a bit strange,but i didn't really think much.i just thought he might've been curious of what we're's perfectly fine,it's not like his team's gonna plagiarize our idea,what worries me the most is ily's theory."he came for you"..dammit.i thought that's what friends are supposed to do?awkward enough,marlon didn't approach me when my friends were there,instead he approached when almost everyone was gone.i was so depressed so he came to me,pretending to tighten the plug of my amp.he then whispered a couple of soothing words,which eventually stopped me from almost crying.he's got a way of consoling people,seriously..

i was still exhausted from the audition yesterday.yet we had to rehearse one last time before friday was extra tiring and i can say that i didn't really get to go all was miraculous how we managed to pass the audition.
i came into the computer lab with such exhaustion.i had my guitar on my back and went straight to the front table.i didn't bother much about what was happening around me,since i was too occupied studying for the midterm warm-hug came by,this time to relieve my stress.he's such a good company,always has the right word to say,always acting the right way in all the right situations.i'm sensing a somewhat chemistry between of the weirdest thing is when he sat in front of me,facing me,while all of us were watching How To Train Your Dragon on the projector.Nizar once joked about how Marlon and I couldn't catch a movie together due to our parent's restrictions so the projector was the replacement.haha! we kinda talked throughout the movie and walked down to the basketball court together.we had an awesome game of six players,if it wasn't for the rain it would've lasted long.i was on marlon's team along with 2 more guys while nizar's on the other.obviously the boys gave in to us,but in the end all of us had fun.there's something about marlon though.usually he would tease me around but today,he became a of the prominent things he did was protect me from the balls thrown by other teams who were sharing the court.

today,i came to a realisation.there are some things that are meant to be.i won't mention it here.take a quick guess :) and so a new episode begins.

The End.

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