Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mi Confesion

sorry,i've been into a spanish mood lately,lol.i need to confess and i need to do it now.lying to myself is one of the biggest mistakes i've ever done in my entire life and no,i shall not let it happen again.once will be enough.those who forget history is condemned to repeat it,and i shall not be ignorant enough to be among 'them' who never learn from their past.i shall say it,loud and clear,right here,right now.

ALEXANDER LUTHOR,I LOVE's crazy because i don't know you,let alone have i the guts to talk to you.but i love you since the first day i set foot here in this new were the one i first saw and you got my heart ever seems overrated that i keep stalking on you and attempting to befriend you,but yes i did it because i love's also beyond all minds and logical thoughts for us to be together when at first,my friend told me you belonged to someone else.i tried to move one,i tried to fall for someone else.i sacrificed my true emotions.i couldn't move on,no one else was better than you,but i was pathetic enough to tell everyone no one knows my true feelings except for a couple of my friends.however,they don't understand and never will.i know how some of think i'm desperate but in truth i'm not.i'm sensitive and when i love someone,i can sometimes go to such great lengths to prove may not be my first love,but i must say that you have stolen my feelings for carlos was all fake,despite the major hint i gave to was a scheme to cover up my true inner feelings for you since things were getting way out of hand lately.what's important is,now you know how much i love you.i don't love carlos,i love you.i'm not looking at him,i'm looking at you :)

it's the exact situation in the song i wrote called 'Matchmaker'.

i tried to smile but my lips were locked..
and i trembled as the butterflies flocked..
my pounding heart's in a racing beat,
as emotions barged a stampede..
call me psycho,call me overly-obsessed
call me lab rat,put my mental to the test
pretty sure that i would fail,every time i start to flail

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