Wednesday, June 9, 2010

17-year-old Mind Reader

this is a very unlikely intro but umm...

WHY THE FECK DID I REVEAL MY DEEPEST SECRET TO CARLOS GARCIA? come again...i must be deluded,says're not,I all started with our typical Midnight Society meeting in YM where all of us gather around an imaginary bonfire and start to share urban legends with the circle.somehow,today,it diverted to gossip was the three of us,jasper,carlos and me.we chat about the old times,and suddenly carlos started asking everyone their's unfair for me to know his,so i accidentally told him mine -.- which i'm gonna be tha laughing stock of the class if it leaks out.

jasper said he NEVER saw me talking to Marlon before? that's good actually.i don't want anyone to know.let it be a secret,probably until graduation day.God knows.
but one thing's for sure,jasper,carlos and i share the same fate - unrequited love.i know carlos was hurt,but he couldn't do anything.NO ONE can change someone's heart,so he'll leave it there,to be blown away by the wind.

on a more negative note,i noticed how much envy can break your friendship apart.i knew it.i knew these kind of people can never accept you for who you are.
apparently some people think i'm trying to steal away what's theirs.hmmm..what exactly is the offence that i have committed to you?steal your buddies? come on..are you nuts?i didn't know humans could be owned,we live in the 21st century,the age of slavery is over! it's a free country,i can befriend whoever i please.why is that an issue to you? is it because i'm a Martian who landed on earth and suddenly became the centre of attention? i didn't ask for all just so happens that i've had a majorly tough year,so probably God wanted to cheer me up with i'm friendly and suddenly your friends became mine too,again huh??what is your problem?
if you have something you dissatisfied of,if you're really the true friend type that i have always thought you were,tell it to my can even throw shit or whatever that makes you happy,as long as you do it in front of me.

i wonder why people can be so obnoxious about newbies?first i gotta fast the adaptation stage,then the getting-along,then exams and once i succeeded i have to go through this shit? dear God,i wish trade all these for his love.newbies deserve a warm welcome.i can't believe i'm still treated like everyone's favourite Martian.GROW UP.kthanksbye.LOL.

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