Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad.Mean.Torn Day 2

dayah,jasper,carlos and the other 2,thanks a bunch for the badminton game today!i had a blast despite that security guard trio with a conceited attitude! sorry that you guys got a bit embarrassed by's all been taken care of.sorry? :/

shall not elaborate sum it all up,today:
i had a BAD muscle injury.
those security guards are particularly nasty and MEAN..
and once again i'm TORN between having fun with my friends and wishing you were there :( i miss you! a lot..a tad lot.a fucking lot..a fucking WHOLE LOT...

today i;ve been youtube-ing a lot of marc anthony and i can't help but notice how far his songs can go in making me dance in my seat.

i joked about looking for marc anthony,pretending that he lives in my living room,sleeps on my couch and will be there to dance with me whenever i want him to.

and you know who that marc anthony is? YOU.. :)

i want to spend my lifetime loving you...
-Zorro Anthem (Tina Arena & Marc Anthony)

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