Sunday, June 20, 2010

feliz dia de los padres

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the world especially to my dad,Allahyarham Hj Azlee bin Mansor.i'm sure you're having a lot of fun in Heaven,may God bless your have my love,eternally.thanks for bringing me into this world,thanks for being patient with me for 16 years,and thanks for all the things you have done.have a nice afterlife.i shall join you someday,may we meet again on the other side.

Not to forget,to my foster dad Hj Hamidon who is still with me,thanks for being there for my family when we're in need.

Also,Happy Father's Day to the fathers who have followed my dad's footsteps by making an abrupt escape to Heaven,Uncle Yusof and Uncle Seng know you both will always be remembered.RIP,may God bless your souls.

to my dear readers,what are you planning to do for Father's Day?

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