Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hearts for Gaza

how much do we love our lovers? this much *shows a pea* or this much *shows a jar of peas*.

how much do we love ourselves?

how much do we love our families?

how much do we love our friends?

how much do we love our homes?

what if one day,all of these are gone because of one major explosion?or rather,bit by bit until everything has been destroyed?

what if we had to go through all these alone with no one to fall back on?would we survive?what would we do?

this is certainly what is being experienced y the palestinians for many years.they had suffered from being under the clutches of the heartless israelians.for this,volunteers from all over the globe had gathered and attempted to send help and support in many forms to the palestinians.unfortunately,they were attacked.11 of our malaysian volunteers had been held captive and had been treated like villains.luckily they were released afterwards,in spite of getting their supplies and equipments confiscated.

do you realise what the world is coming to?

we do not have sufficient capability to change anything in a major scale,what we can do is cultivate unity and destroy the barriers that break us apart.

quoting Mika's "Kick Ass":
you can change the world,on a silver platter
from the wrong to the right light
to the open stream
with a crash and burn,we can make it better
turn it upside down,just you and me
we are the dream,no other way to me

we are young,we are strong

make that's not too late.

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