Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Pre-apocalypse.. Or So I Heard

i wanted to blog about BAD-MEAN-TORN day 2 but this evening's incident was more of my was a stormy evening,as always.the major shocker was when my mom called me to the kitchen to help her close the door.both of us froze in awe upon seeing the most unexpected phenomenon,a TORNADO! i knew there was something fishy about the stones hitting the case you're wondering,it's a minor case in my area.the tornado was small and harmless to the condo.however,there are a couple of uprooted trees across the street.pretty terrifying for first-timers like my mom and I,we didn't know what to expect.luckily it only lasted for 15minutes,causing blackouts and a few other usual things that occur in an ordinary rain storm.

i only got a glimpse of it,didn't get the chance to snap a photographic evidence.

it looks like i'm not the only one who encountered this:

remember..the world isn't getting any younger.brace yourselves and repent,before it's too late.

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