Thursday, June 17, 2010

Revival of Broken Spirit

am i really offended or was that really just me missing you too much?maybe i am annoying,which is why my friends get easily fed up with me.i get emotional too easily,over such minute causes.

sometimes i think these emotions should just drown in the sea,get blown away by the previous tornado or merely just burn and rot in hell! LMFAOPIMP.okay i'm overreacting again.

look who came to put my mood back on the line:

he rang my phone with his private number,i didn't know whom he was until he told me to meet him at the fire that was what i did,with my heart beating like hell in the midst of curiosity,fear and so many mixed emotions.what does he want from me?
i had a knife and my guitar as defence,lol..
tomy surprise it was only our homeboy Chris Daughtry..

okay i lied.i youtubed him and apparently his songs cheered me up :)

you rock Daughtry! i heart yewwwww...

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