Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seventeen Forever?

"whose birthday is it today?" - Jasper,translated into English.'s "his" :) it's marlon's birthday.happy sweet 17! make a wish! if i were him,i would wish we could both be 17 forever.we both met at age 17,became close and then..might have fallen for each other the same age.

i have not the capability to banish your sorrows,or have i the strength to lift your burden at all times.i have not the psychic abilities to predict your ideal birthday gift.
but all i can give to you is my heart :)

i only have one wish,and that is to be with you someday,if not too soon then someday in the future.maybe someday you will realise it.i dedicate this song to you,on your birthday.may all your dreams come true,future chef <3

btw,thanks to andy,i'm so addicted to this band called Never Shout Never.he cheered me up by posting this song up:

thanks andy...for cheering me up.i love you like a brother i've always wanted :)

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