Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Trio Who Touched My Heart

i've been so emotionally distressed lately,with all the ever-changing mood that i keep minute i'm happy,the next,God i found this song called Where The Lost Ones Go by sissel kyrkjebø.you might not know her,but i'm pretty sure all of you have heard the heart-sinking Titanic Suite? she's the singer behind it.i wonder why they give more credits to Celine Dion even though Sissel is the one who gave more life to the song? hmmmm..such beautiful soprano voice,one of the finest i've ever heard by far.

i have been youtube-ing a lot lately too,and only now have i the urge to discover the musical talents on should look them up.

this is Marie Digby,who started off as an ordinary girl-next-door,now on her route to stardom.

this is Jennifer Chung,a girl with such powerful should check her stuff out,she's beyond amazing!

in my next post,i'll elaborate more on the new song on this blog.i can't stop listening to it.

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