Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back To The Future

muahahaha.. i miss the 90s,those were the days.. TV shows were great back then.Kablam,Kenan and Kel..i can go on forever.and then music was what you would actually enjoy.there was Michael Jackson at his best,Mc Hammer (woot!), a couple of awesome bands like Creed,Eminem,loads of others.Nickelodeon and Disney were having the best shows too,then the new millennium struck,farewell and RIP to quality entertainment.what's left now is crappy High School Musical,Korean shit and stuff that mess up the entertainment sucks big time.if only i could turn back time,i would've gone back to the 90s era despite being so young and naive.

but that's not what i'm trying to focus on,let the past be,the future.i know,my honeymoon days are numbered,the utmost important exam in my life will happen in less than six months.i've been thinking a lot lately.what have i done to my time?all the moments are wasted on stuff that i shouldn't be doing during my exam year - say...falling in love! life hasn't turned out quite the way i want it to be,my plans i falling apart it seems.what's next for me once i finally graduate from school?part-time job?driving license?cooking courses? what should i be doing? well,IF i don't have to go for National Service,i would have a 3-month gap to spend before i get my SPM the meantime,i was planning to do the following:

-improve my guitar skills
-write more songs
-get a part-time job ( perhaps at a food outlet,a music store or a recording studio,depends..i might be performing as a freelance guitarist,who knows?)
-get a driving license (as if i have a car to drive)

so what happens after i get my results?i planned to take up a degree in computing.the course will take about 5 years to complete,including foundation for 1 year if i'm not mistaken,otherwise,i'll be taking one year of matrix course.haven't really planned which college i will go to,but what's important is which course i'm interested in.

after college i should be able to get a job.but am i only gonna do one thing?am i gonna be stuck in the world of all work and no play?

hell no! i should be something else too,perhaps a rockstar!if i become one now,it'll be..

errrr too soon?
i have a lot more spaces of improvement to fill in,and i believe it's never too late :) wish me luck!

i love you,readers.
looking forward to see what the future has in store for me.

...and i wonder if 'you' will be a part of it :(

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