Monday, July 19, 2010

It's All About You

"Kate: [leans her head on the couch, thinking Nick is going to kiss her]
Nick: Your leaning on my scarf.
Kate: [embarassed] Oh my, yah. " - No Reservations (2007)

Believe it or not,that's another one of the memorable quotes that i can relate to.i might be wrong about most of my assumptions,but then again i might be right too.God knows,but what's important now is to compensate these pass few days when i started ignoring you just because of this little rumor that's been circulating about us.and today,i did.and to top it all of,on Carlos' page! LOL. i'm terribly sorry for all the notifications man,i miss him so much,that's why.

and yes,the both of us are indeed highly pretentious.we seldom show our chemistry in public but i know it's there somewhere.

i just wanna say that i miss you,a lot. :) i almost gave you up,but then there's this song called 'All About you' by McFly,extremely life-changing.

and you know what,i'm planning to dedicate a song to you on English Day.i hope you'll be there to see us perform.

i love you.good night...

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