Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya 2010 Chronicles Part 2

okay last post was a bit too confusing,let's just say the 7th day of Syawal was 2 days ago, and straight the day started off just fine,i woke up early and got dressed.the early birds were Deila and Ily,while the rest arrived a wee bit late since there were actually more than 10 of them,way beyond my early estimation that was less than that.just as my mom was asking about them,my phone rang.Jerin told me that all of them have arrived except for Azzah and Aisyah so the three of us decided to go downstairs to settle any kind of possible 'security guard conflicts' they might encounter.

azita,hazem and ah meng in front of my condo.yes,they sat on the pedestrian walk like a bunch of beggars -_-

once Azzah came,all of us went up to the 6th floor where my condo is.we had to make 2 trips since there were approximately 20 of us,boys and girls! all i can say was the elevator obviously has a mind of its own,1st Fasha and Ah Meng almost got squashed flat,afterwards the elevator started to get a little bit jammed even though we did not even reach the maximum weight! it was maaaaaaaaad scary.

Alia,Fasha and Suzi (terrified in the elevator)

thank God nothing else happened on our journey to the 6th floor.NOW i really regret staying in a condo.NOW you know why i have a phobia for elevators.never again people. -_- i'll stick to normal semi-detached houses that actually TOUCH the ground.and of course,what's an open house without was as if my condo was our own classroom,except the fact that Miss On was absent,otherwise it would be exactly the same!

(L to R) Suzi,Fasha,Nizar,Ily,Me,Deila and Alia,conquering the coffee table.

(L to R) nabeel,azita,jerin,dzul,ah meng,irfan and hazem.
the boys making up space for themselves at the dining table.

we then split up,the boys walked to Seksyen 9 where they headed for Khairul's,while the girls stayed back for a few minutes to wait for Aisyah.the girls went Suzi's at Seksyen brother had to drive two trips since there were 10 of us and the Suzuki car could only fit 5 of us at a time.

the boys walking to Khairul's using the pathway by our school.

we were supposed to walk to Nabeel's together with the boys but somehow,we couldn't reach any of them at all.worried,we decided to walk to Khairul' turned out that the boys were to preoccupied with Khairul's PS3 to bother answering their phones -_- even when Azita answered,he gave us the wrong directions to Khairul's.

the boys and Khairul,doing their usual gaming routine.

just as an info,Khairul was an ex-KD10,he now studies at MRSM.i never knew him until i actually came to his open house,LOL.thanks for the hospitality!

did i mention the Spaghetti and satay served at Khairul's were beyond scrumptious?
thank you Ily for serving us :)

despite the popular notion that technology destroys life-long traditions,we chose to walk together to Seksyen 7 instead of catching the bus or waiting for somebody to give us a lift in his/her car.

the weather was tad favourable,it didn't rain and climbing up the stairs wasn't much of a trouble after all.

after a few minutes of walking we had our lunch at Nabeel's in Seksyen say the very least,i love his kitchen! and his mom is super friendly.

(bartender- Azita,LOL) L to R: Ily,me and Aisyah.

we were so in love with his dining space that we decided to snap a photo there,hehe.

what a happy family :)

family photo at Nabeel's living room after lunch ^^

Nabeel and Dzul entertains while the others enjoyed the meal.

nothing much to highlight,we had normal visits to Hanizar's and Jerin's before heading for Mubin's.oh wait,did i mention Nizar's cats were ferociously cute?ok..that sounds retarded but it's true!

the worst part of this trip (to me,whilst the others were enjoying the moment) was of course the trip to Mubin's.ohhh my goshhhh... coincidence can be very scary at times.yes we do text each other but we DID NOT plan anything.the horror... as we headed for his house,i saw Naqiu wearing purple,by then i smelled gang started to giggle and when they saw Mubin,all of them burst into a loud laughter.can't believed they would actually think we planned to wear the same colour -_- it was damn embarrassing (not that i'm embarrassed of him) ,but i've never gotten bullied by so many people at a time! imagine being surrounded and then forced into some sort of paparazzi session.MAD! i don't know how will i survive this if i ever become a celebrity.

i admit that Mubin can totally cook,good job dude! thanks for the effort,sorry for bringing too many guests,hehe.

our last agenda was none other than turning the bus into our own vehicle as we made our way to E@Curve (or better known as Cineleisure) to catch Resident Evil 4: Afterlife in 3D! journey took quite awhile..long enough for someone to make a pit stop in Dreamland,hehehe

once a saliva factory,always a saliva factory,hahaha.sorry aisyah!

the movie was awesome! a couple of shockers in the thriller and some dizziness from wearing the 3D glasses for too long but it was worth it!

thanks guys! that was so much fun.let's do it again after our spm?maybe we should go shopping too,and have a sleepover perhaps?

-and Marco,i'm so glad to see you.and i'm so contented that you go to such great lengths just to please me,thanks.P.S guess what? :p

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