Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All In One

R.I.P Paul,i never really trusted in your predictions although some of them turned out to be true,yet i did find you adorable :( can't believe you're gone.

jerin,leh x kita cancel plan bunuh membunuh tu?aku mcm..terjatuh hati balik plak :') entah,omputeh ckp distance makes the heart fonder,bila ada jarak,ada rindu..bila ada rindu,ada baliklah syg tu.hrpn tipis dan palsu tp nk wat mcmana :( for now,kita KIV (keep in view or dlm bhs kita,simpan dlm poket) dululah.

i love youuuuuuuu karutologik! ahaha.wish i had more time talking to you,you're an interesting person lah sya ;) guys,click on her quote up here to read her blog.i can assure you,she's an awesome writer.

initially,i wanted to review the P Ramlee song covers by the local bands which premiered last night but i decided that i have much more to say than just that.but i can't guarantee i'll be writing them in a proper form anyway,hehe.

so anyway,it started off with the cover of P Ramlee's "Maafkan Kami" by Altimet.i really loved the blend of old and new contemporary music,it gives a new tinge of element in the song which makes it more interesting.Altimet has really done a good job with the song considering his signature rap r&b concept seems to fit the song pretty well.

"Malam Bulan DIpagar Bintang" covered by Awanband also deserves a compliment.their rockband concept gives some sort of new atmosphere to the song whereby the arrangement sounds more to rock rather than the original ballad.4 stars!

however,i wasn't too fond of Azlan and the Typewriters' rendition of Jeritan Batinku,same goes with Bittersweet's attempt to cover Getaran Jiwa.their arrangements were a bit too exaggerated and became a major turn-off when the music do not compliment the lyrics.i guess they could've done a better interpretation of the songs but i don't blame them.nice effort though.

not to be biased but i find that overall,the best covers of P Ramlee songs should be given credit to Pop Shuvit,Couple,Grey Sky Morning and Hujan who covered Menche Che Bujang Lapok,Malam Pesta Muda Mudi,Aci Aci Buka Pintu and Tunggu Sekejap respectively.the arrangements,the additional musical bridges,the riffs,the different feels,i guess all those had really done the songs some justice.

all in all,i guess all the local musical acts have done a great job covering the legendary P ramlee's compositions.may he live forever through his music,keep his art alive people. :) al Fatihah to him,may Allah bless his soul,amin.

...and Marco,i'm glad you're alright.sorry for ignoring you,i was stupid.i hope you'll be ok.

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