Thursday, October 28, 2010

Basketball Fever III - Rugby Breakout

seriously,my SACRUM hurts,Nizar and I had a last minute basketball match or rather,our Shoot or Dare session once again while we weren't actually planning to play today.i knew something was gonna be amiss,if it's not the weather.everything was just normal until the seniors came by.they first conquered half the court while we were in the other.suddenly,they had a fierce match and Azita knocked me down so hard that i fell flat on my bottom -_- worse comes worse,both palms of my hands were slightly injured when i tried to reduce the impact of the fall by supporting my body with my bare hurt,a lot and Nizar and i ended up chatting in the canteen instead of continuing our about a rugby breakout,i don't blame Azita,it was the seniors who were to keen in proving their strength compared to the juniors (in this case,it's us).it was terrible but that won't stop me from playing basketball again tomorrow,but i might need to come earlier so as to stay away from the seniors.shish..the nerve of some people..well at least Milin and Azita were kind enough to be concerned of my wasn't much of a bad injury,rather it's a minor one,yet enough to traumatize i'm afraid of tall people more than ever -_- funny stuff is,Azita's tall and skinny but his knockout impact equals to Amirul Bob's! haha.nevertheless,we had fun anyway in the end.

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