Sunday, October 10, 2010

El Mariachi on 10/10/10

"El Mariachi: All I wanted was to be a mariachi, like my ancestors. But the city I thought would bring me luck brought only a curse. I lost my guitar, my hand, and her. With this injury, I may never play the guitar again. Without her, I have no love. But with the dog and the weapons, I'm prepared for the future."
-El Mariachi (1992)

10/10/10,nice date huh?some of you may be a little disappointed that you've missed the most epic wish ever,to be done at exactly 10:10:10 a.m me,i don't really think i've missed out on anything,well except the awesome Nike Run Gig in KLCC where almost all of my favourite local acts performed: Estranged,Pop Shuvit,Bunkface,One Buck Short and many more.i also missed out on my school's grand anniversary (SMK Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara is 10 years old today on 10/10/ about significance,or rather..obsession).not that i mind really,my Chemistry class with mr Zeelen was of higher priority anyway,he aims to produce our results and so that is what we will assist him in.

about El Mariachi,i got bored so i decided to browse around Simon Croft's guitar handbook,i discovered a few chords,when played in a suitable sequence,could actually make up a great Spanish/Mexican traditional number,in other words,Mariachi-styled music.maybe i should try making Spanish-Mexican music?there's not much El Mariachi band here in Malaysia,so there won't be much competition?i know it's hard,with all the unfamiliar techniques,the fast riffs,my attempt to switch my electric guitar into a Spanish guitar,will definitely take up a lot of work but what the hay,there's no harm in trying right?so,about El Mariachi,i just found out that it's actually a movie about this man who moves to a new city,in his attempt to find luck in becoming an El Mariachi, but he was mistaken as a terrorist who carries weapons in his guitar bag.his fate took a major turn and before he knew it,he was forced to make a run for his life,losing most of his good luck along the the quote says,he only wanted to be an El Mariachi just like his forefathers,but he ended up losing everything he return,however,he was more prepare for the future upfront.okay,i read this on IMDB,haven't really watched the movie.shall try to find it on youtube of go4flicks,they should have it,IN ENGLISH! wait..moving to a new town,a twist of fate.. doesn't that ring a bell? i MOVED into KD,i had a TWIST OF FATE?do the math.

oh and did i mention how in love i am with all things Spanish/Mexican? i'm guessing all of you have noticed that already by now,judging by my fascination for Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias.too bad both of them are too Americanized already,if they were still pure Spanish lads,i would've been more in love with them.Italians are fine too,take for instance Simone Chotan Quagliata.he's got a charming voice and of course,dreamy songwriting skills.

i guess that's enough daydreaming for today.not to forget,congratulations to the Malaysian Cosmonaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor al-Masri for his wedding!

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