Sunday, October 31, 2010

'...I Would Never Forget This".

in the middle of this writer's block syndrome,my friend (and co-guitarist on Teacher's Day) Aqil requested me to write this to help him improve his English.out of sympathy and my ehem...kind-heartedness,wakaka..i be perfectly honest,i'm not that good in story writing so here goes nothing...

Google Map Crisis (by Azliyana Azlee)

It was a chilly Sunday morning,the windows were all fogged up by the mist outside and there was a gentle shower.In spite of the drizzle,there were occasional roars of thunder every now and then,indicating how bad a day it was to have my usual morning walks.I had a glimpse at the clock on my wall,it was only 7.00am and I could just tuck myself in and return to bed if I wanted to but considering how much I love to wake up early,I decided not to.Instead,I switched on my computer and made up my mind to clean up the hard disks.As I was clearing the underused files,I found an album under the ‘My Pictures’ folder filled with photos of my visit to a recording studio which belonged to my friend,JD.”Ahh,good times,” i sighed delightedly.It was then,I started to recall how it came to be.

The memories came back into my mind as if it happened just yesterday.It was in the month of June when school was out for two whole weeks.I was in Form 4,which ,in a Malaysian student’s context,happened to be a ‘honeymoon year’ since we had no major examinations to worry about.That was the most perfect time to enjoy our holidays spending time with our friends.My friend and I were initially planning to watch a concert together on one of the Saturdays but unfortunately the event was cancelled due to technical reasons relating to the venue and organisers.Disappointed,we stayed at home and were doing nothing but our usual boring routine of watching movies and playing our favourite computer games,Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike.They seemed fun at first,but after awhile we got tired of them.Just then,my friend suddenly broke out into a smile and suggested ,” Hey,since we’ve got nothing to do,why don’t we visit JD’s studio and keep him company?I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,he’s been dying to have visitors in his studio for ages!” “Yeah,why not?” we replied.

We rang his phone to confirm our visit,and he sounded so excited to finally have guests in his studio,after all,he is a lone ranger in the studio whenever his bandmates are not around to jam with him.One of my other friends,Ejay agreed to pick us all up from our respective homes to get to JD’s studio in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.”Are you sure you know where my studio is?” asked the worried JD on the phone who was more than aware of our bad sense of directions.”Of course we do,what’s the use of Google maps if we don’t use them well right?” I answered,almost egoisticly.”Very well,phone me or send me a text message once you’ve arrived,I need to do some finishing touches on this song before giving you a little tour.I’ll see you ladies later,” said JD before hanging up.Just then,the signal bars in our phones went down.The phone coverage there was really bad and the Google Map application was of no use at all! It was up to our instincts to decide which roads to head to.We did not want JD to know that all of us were hopeless when it comes to looking for the right directions.For that,we had ourselves driving around in circles for almost two hours.

Everyone set back quietly while eyeing the signboards by the roads in our pathetic attempt to get the right directions.Assumptions after assumptions were made.”Maybe it’s that road!” “No,turn left!” “Make a U-turn at that junction!” However,none of us were right in any way. After a while,it was complete solitude again as everyone started to give up on themselves.“Girls,we’ve been driving for hours now,don’t you think we’re..lost?” said Rin,breaking the awkward silence in our car.”Nonsense! I doubt that we’re lost,we’re already familiar with this are,aren’t we?” blurted Yaya,covering up our weakness.”Look,we’ve been driving around for hours,this gets us no where,there’s no use.And on top of that ,I think I just heard my stomach rumbling ,what if we get ourselves something to eat before calling JD to ask for the real directions to his studio instead?” I suggested . Everyone nodded weakly in agreement and we eventually headed to the nearest fast food outlet to order our food at the drive-through counter. Suddenly, we heard a loud honk behind our car.We looked out the window,only to find JD waving at us. “ Hey girls,what are you doing here?I was expecting you girls hours ago,I was thinking of buying all of you lunch to enjoy in the studio.Are you lost?” “Well,not to say that we are,but we did have troubles with our Google Map application in our phones,” I said with an embarrassed grin.”Well then,come follow me.I’ll lead you to the studio,” he said,simultaneously trying to hold in his laughter.”About your food,it’s on me so don’t worry,” he added.

As soon as we arrived, he gave us a cheeky smile while mocking us “See girls, technology can be unreliable at times.One lesson to learn,always ask when in doubt.” We giggled at our own foolishness and reminded ourselves to never give in to our ego anymore. He then showed us everything in his studio including the recording gears,musical instruments and even the new soundproof room that was still under construction.We were thrilled as it was ur first time stepping into an actual recording studio.After the tour was over,he put on some music and all of us participated in a mind-building game of Monopoly.It lasted for three hours,including our small talks in between.We did not expect that our visit would actually turn our better than we predicted.Our exhaustion from all the driving paid off as we had had a whale of a time with each other.This is ironically one of the most adventurous trips I have ever had with my friends .Apart from all the joyous times we had,I have also learnt a very valuable lesson along the way,that is to always admit my weakness and remain humble.I would never forget this.

-well some of it are true,mostly fictitious,whatever it is,hope you like it bro.that's the best i can do,for now.hehe.good luck for your SPM buddy! ace your English,man! lest i'll be very disappointed :p

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