Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of Jounin Exam,the Clingy Story and The New Band(s)

heyya peeps,i haven't been updating this blog in awhile now,simply because a lot has been going on in my life,so much so that i barely have any time to breathe at all.i have a lot in mind in proportion to what's already in hand.i can't seem to keep my mind focused on one thing at a time,being a multitask freak since i was in primary school.let's start from the smallest up to the biggest agendas shall we. first of all,thanks to the infamous Hazem aka Pilot,i managed to claim tokens to finally afford recruitment of two NPCs to complete the final Jounin exam,the battle with Yamata no Orochi.battling the weak dragon alone wasn't much of a fuss,but the worst part is of course,surviving the battle when the two level 60 Jounins suddenly interfered.i always failed during the last minute but thanks to the powerful NPCs,i've succeeded! Miko is now an official Jounin XD

the other agenda is of course,i attempted to give Mr Clingy a little piece of my mind.sure,it's sweet to have someone ever so concerned about you and whatnot,but there are a few major issues that i have to point out,just for the sake of getting them out of my you know how dreadfully he reacted?let's just say he made me have a one-second confusion regarding our genders,who's supposed to be the girl here?yes people,i'm heartless,but i'm also honest.if i bottle this up,i'm just gonna worsen things up,but one thing remains a mystery,why do i feel guilty?was i too hard on him?it was a major blow i made then,i would've encountered the water works too if i were in his shoes,yet,it has to end,seriously.sometimes i wonder,are we working out at all?are you even trying?i don't know,i just don't anymore.couldn't be could he even think of me cheating?come on,i need some space,of course i'm annoyed if someone is too clingy.i'm a human being,i get tired of something really easily,even music itself.there comes a day or two when i would just sit aroun playing games instead of practicing guitar,that's just how i work.your paranoid mind just won't cut it.have i ever messed with your social life?i doubt it.i'm not the posessive type,i give my other half freedom of being friends with anyone whom he've been so negative about this whole relationship,i'm not surprised if it doesn't last.i can be paranoid too.i can never live with someone who doesn't think of the brightside at all.i have a dark aura of sarcasm and evilness ,more than enough,i need someone to balance it up.why are you complicating things?

on a happier note,i finally got to jam with my band,Scarlet Got A Band :D too bad our permanent bassist,Naufal,has to work today,BOOOO..lucky thing CJ was awesome enough to lend us his bassist, Naim's our drummer,CJ's our guitarist,Nabeel's our keyboardist and i'm the vocalist + first,we jammed a few familiar songs,followed by a couple of songs that only a few members know.then an idea struck me in the head,why don't we jam our own original?out of the blue,i thought of '7 Days'.it was half-ready back in my Midway Scarlet days,in spite of some of us being superstitious about doing an old band's stuffs, we arranged the song together anyway.CJ and I would actually make a great songwriting team,i write face-melting melodies and lyrics while he makes skull-crushing musical arrangements,not to mention him coincidentally being an audio engineer.this means we could cut on recording and mastering costs :D Nabeel was clueless,but he's cool too.with more practice,he'll turn out to be an awesome keyboardist and songwriter.Naim,on the other hand,was surprisingly amazing! sure,he seldom practices,but he totally got the beats right just now.Iqeat,well..personally,i think he rocks.i actually feel intimidated inviting the senior band members to join our session,but all in all it was worth all the least we have someone worthy of pointing out and rectifying our mistakes and weaknesses.wonder if i should recruit Iqeat? hmmm...

till then,watch out Malaysian music industry,Scarlet Got A Band is coming atcha!

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