Monday, March 14, 2011

how is that funny?

this sarcasm was uncalled for,i know it was meant to be a joke,
but other people's suffering is a no-laughing matter.and now you know why Malaysia is being hated by many.sigh...
people like these are the black sheep,the culprits.mindless,heartless fools! 

however,let us all thank our very own Dato' Lee Chong Wei for compensating the embarrassment from the distasteful caricature with his victory.Malaysia is once again,extremely proud to say that we do not only have the best squash player,but also the best badminton player.MALAYSIA BOLEH !! 
yay for Chong Wei kicking Lin Dan's ass!! 

let's see if our soccer team will be able to challenge this.hihi. speaking of challenge,i actually heard a really awesome Mike Dirnt bass line of which he had came up with will he was stoned,lying on the carpet,facing his two amused band mates who were at the moment wondering if he was going to remember it when he's's a funny story,but brilliant at the same time.and i'm not saying this just because i'm currently obsessed with Green Day,but because it's true! try listening to Longview . the bass line intro is EPIC! *not using sarcastic tone* look who decided to become a cruel taskmaster to his student? hmmm...

great..just great.LOL. i'm not even done with guitars,but i was actually planning to learn up bass soon,but not as soon as Lao Tse had suggested.he's been replying my tweets a lot lately,it makes me wonder why?maybe Rin's right,he might be a little interested in me...wait,before you jump into any bizarre conclusions,i don't mean it in a romantic way,i mean it in a more mentor-protege' kind of know,like Orianthi and Santana?i've always thought of our relation and chemistry as something similar to that,simply because our age gap is huge yet we're able to fit in with each other through music.heh,the miracle of music.i've mentioned it many a time,music unites people,in spite of differences.dammit,there's always gotta be a downside unfortunately,i have larger pressure to not let him down now.also the fact that today marks the beginning of a long fortnight,i am further pushed into an insomniac state.

SPM results coming out on March 23rd.

Driving test on March 24th.

College orientation on March 28th.

i think i need a medical checkup,or a health monitor,or better still,a SHRINK. today was a good day if it wasn't for the suckish internet dreaded driving instructor was away in his hometown and the pre-test went well.the examiner was hilarious.well to be honest,he wasn't cracking any jokes,but the way he talks,it's so amusing! kinda reminded me of Usop from Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah XDD let's just hope this twist of fortune remains until April at least.

"Nampak benor menipunya.." - Usop 

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