Monday, April 4, 2011

The Manic Cum Maniac Monday

"4 Years you think for sure

That's all you've got to endure
All the (total dicks)
All the Stuck-up Chicks
So superficial, so immature

Then When you graduate,
Ya take a look around and you say "Hey Wait!"
This is the same as where I just came from,
I thought it was over, Aw that's just great.

The Whole Damn World is just as obsessed

With who‘s the best dressed and (who's having sex)
Who‘s got the money. Who (gets the honeys)
Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess

And you still don't have the right look
And you don't have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends

High School Never Ends
And the only thing that matters,
Is climbing up that social ladder."

-High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup

i guess it is i promised earlier on Twitter (if any of my followers are reading this,that is),i had one of the most adventurous Mondays in my life.who said the first day of college is gonna suck eggs?it ain't true,honestly.the day started off pretty stressfully at first,my brother and I lost track of time and were literally swallowing our breakfast in one gulp before rushing into our car to head for college.THANK YOU FATE,you chose the right day to let an accident happen bad enough in Kota Damansara to cause a large scale traffic jam stretching from Damansara to Subang Jaya.THANK YOU VERY MUCH! sigh.i swear,i almost ran out of the car to college when it was already 7:45am when we reached Kota Damansara itself.i would rather walk than be late for my first class ever.i had a class at 8.00am FYI! Chloe went crazy,texting me now and then asking of my whereabouts.i'm pretty sure she'd thought i've forgotten about the morning class.guess what,we finally arrived at 9.00AM,talk about Malaysian timing.look who's eating her own words now? pfftt.. seriously,traffic jams are so uncool! i had to do more running,up the stairs only to find myself being in the wrong block and the door that connects to my faculty is locked,and then entering the class to an abrupt silence.clearly the lecturer wasn't in yet (and never will be),and the atmosphere reminded me a lot of 5 Aktif in KD10 (2010) and 4.6 back in Convent.the noise,the cliques,they were more or less the same as high school.some things will never change :') the funny part is,they could really shut their pie holes in unison to the sound of the door being cracked open.i was stunned to say the very least.their sudden but simultaneous reaction totally beat any staccato done in short,they thought i was the lecturer entering the class.upon the realization that i am one of them,they once again reacted together with a sigh of relief,followed by a couple of "Chehhh..ingat lecturer masuk." one word,TYPICAL.then came the rules of being Malaysian:

1.Obey Malaysian timing.
2.Bargain till you drop.
3.Lepak dulu beb!

and the rest were too hilarious for me to remember.i was laughing so hard that i almost cried.glad everyone's starting to lighten up a little and show their true colors bit by bit.we then made a trip to the divisional office of our faculty to query this little turned out the office screwed up the venues in our timetable,apparently the lecturer came into a different room to an empty class,he then fled home having no classes to got fed up,so all of us decided to go for lunch.some bright ideas came by,influencing us to head to Sunway Pyramid via a shuttle bus.we had to rush our lunch and luckily we didn't miss the bus.we had to get back to college by 1pm no matter what,and we reached Sunway Pyramid at around seemed impossible since the next bus is at 12.00pm.we ended up making a run for it after practically half-digesting our food.poor Timothy,he took a cab a minute before the bus arrived.what a waste.

it doesn't end there.E-Business class was the most interesting part.not only were there fully-functional computers in the lab for us to surf the internet with,there was also a hot Albanian guy named Alex who happens to be my potential eye candy    the lecturer's also fun and lively.i hope she'll be able to make the subject more interesting than the name implies,LOL. i made more and more friends along the way and the day went better than expected.

well Boys,Girls (and others) ,to be continued.i wonder what the second day of college will bring me.more adventures? let's just sit back and enjoy the show.

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