Friday, April 15, 2011

R.I.P Monday Morning Parties

What's my age again? - Blink 182
Monday mornings used to suck when I was in my high school days,but uni changed that,heck a lot IMO.while Mondays used to mean morning assemblies,national anthem and useless speeches about the same old shit(e.g: toilet,personal hygiene,noise pollution,time management,reading habits bla bla bla) all over again,in uni,our Mondays are being looked forward to.our Malaysian Studies lecturer NEVER came in before and we ended up coming early to slack off.we're either playing games on our laptops,dozing off,ignoring the world with MP3 earpieces clogging up our ears,talking,eating or better still,dominating the audio and projector to turn our class into a night club.the DJ's always either Khanna (our supposedly class rep),Seelan or Tan Sri Yudish- the lives of the party.then we run off at about 10am (an hour earlier) to head to Sunway Pyramid for's like an eventual routine to get caught in a traffic jam,face a parking crisis and end up tardy to Miss Hema's class.too bad all these had to end soon.the lecture class misunderstanding had been sorted out,yay for the dean but boo for us :/ it was great while it lasted though.

on a somewhat awkward note,it's strange how Mr Stalker seems to enhance his attempts.he's moving from stalking to talking,that's good progress aite?

but then again,i'll have everyone know that i find myself too selfish to share my life with anyone at the moment.
relationships are sloppy.first you're in the painful waiting phase,then you face false happiness followed by people getting hurt.when everything ends,it's like the whole world just turned against you.what is there to anticipate?

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