Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Made Me Blush

"I have broken the fourth commandment padre. Well I tried to behave properly, the way that my father would like me to. But, I'm afraid my heart is too wild. I had impure thoughts about a man."

so that's what happened to me.i saw something i shouldn't have seen on my FB newsfeed, made me blush,since last night up to today (and even now).it's just me being me,blushing at all things funny(not the ha-ha funny btw).the photo i saw wasn't even eligible to be rated as 'adult content' or anything,but well...i guess the Mask Of Zorro quote above is self-explanatory.meh.the coolest part was,the owner of the photo was clueless enough to ask me what's the matter with me.seriously awkward.

or is it ok because i'm 18?

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