Thursday, October 13, 2011

MJ Moonwalking In Taylor's Dance & Music Concert (11/10/11)

Also a little bit overdue but nevertheless,I will still blog about it considering the fact that professional photos are finally up! credits to Mahirah and some dude from photography club,photos were stolen from their arsenal,hehe.prepare yourself for one of the longest blog posts i've ever written,well the pictures will do the talking.

ehem... Dominique & Ching Huei,heheh

Benny's epic performance shot!

me and Victor Sylvester,magician aka MJ impersonator :)

ZEUSSSSS,adam's sugar glider :D

We Are The World with Taylor's Symphony Orchestra :)

Faiz got skills wei :D

Thrillaaahhh flash mob :D

backstage with the zombaaaassss

ze audience :) full house baby!

Yuuhi & Jo setting up the deco :)

Josh the vampire dude ~~

my band performing Billie Jean,rock rendition.

group photo with Victor!

Sid = ="

not gonna say anything xD

Dance Club,set to go!

Smooth Criminal ;)

I don't remember what song ,lol

Calvin's epic performance shot.

Taylor's Symphony Orchestra's rehearsal

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