Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stay Together For The Kids

The title says it all, and I know it's beyond challenging to be writing on this topic,especially considering how sensitive it can get to certain people,but somehow,the voice inside me keeps telling i should give it a shot.

What inspired me to do it is this song of Blink 182's i just discovered,it's called Stay Together For The Kids.I've heard the title before,but never have I had such bigger urge to look for it than a few days ago.Self-explanatory,it's about divorce,in case you haven't gotten what the catch is yet.It's a big word with infinite capabilities to either scar a child's emotions permanently or worse,affect their adulthood eventually.I was lucky my parents managed to resolve their arguments peacefully and ended up splitting up because of death and not divorce.I may not have first-hand experiences with it,but I do know a few unfortunate friends who do.I can tell you this,it's an ugly thing and I respect them for masking their pain with their smiles,every single day. I know how it feels like to fake your happiness,to hide that major heartache that's slowly breaking you from inside out.Its excruciating pain pierces through your every veins,so deadly and so slowly that you suffer,silently,Some of them, especially a friend of mine who lives with one of his parents, refuses to even have a single mention about his other parent who 'abandoned' him,and the worst part is I found out about it unintentionally. I asked him an innocent question and he came up with this revelation.I know how it's like to lose a parent,I lost my dad to cancer but I can tell that it's a very distinctive story compared to losing a dad or a mom due to a split-up. If death separates,you know the person's gone but the love is still there whereas if it's a marriage split-up,you know the love is no longer there and you'll feel alone no matter how many people you're surrounded with.The impact is even worse as the years go by,especially when the child is still at a tender young age.It might happen in a split second,but it will scar them for life.For some reason,I have an ability to tell whether someone's happy or otherwise,based on the way they stare into blank space.Happy people have sparkling eyes; those who hide their depression have deep eyes that seem unfocused at some points,mainly because they're trying to brush off the sadness or sometimes they over-think about their fate.Some manage to pull through while others (touch wood) without much motivation,might end up in the gutter,cutting themselves to feel real again.Everyone has problems,but split-ups are never the best solution to anything,they only make things worse.Believe you me,there are so many other ways.

50% American homes have been broken by marriage this even right?

A couple has been married for 72 years, they lived together to the age of 90++. They passed away in an accident, still holding hands. Who says true love doesn't exist?

"I see them everyday,we get along so why can't they? If this is what he wants and it's what she wants,why is there so much pain?"
Stay Together For The Kids by Blink 182

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pergh. yana, why don't ko jadi penceramah? hehe. btw, i abandoned my blog. cuz lupa password after tukar. shit. =P here's my new one. =)