Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things I'll Never Say

... but really want to.
*good GOD the post disappeared thanks to Blogger..this is my 2nd time writing this,hopefully it's a blessing in disguise.*
self-explanatory title?
Whenever I walk into a crowded room,I feel like shouting " Come out wherever you are! As packed as the room can be,I still feel lonely without you!"
When you sing to get the right key for a song "You may suck in singing but your voice is like music to my ears,proceed..."
During awkward silences in between conversation "Don't ruin it,don't say anything,just keep doing what you're doing and let me stare at you without you knowing it." << psycho alert!
When your eyes meet mine "Turn away! Turn..away!! Don't look at me with those eyes,every time you do my heart skips a beat,if this persists,I might just die?"
After your lame jokes " OMG you're fucking lame! but so am I,that's why I got that joke. And that geeky laughter of yours,I find it adorable and I love it so much that I wanna steal your laugh box and embed it on my phone so I could make it the alarm tone I wake up to every morning."
When you hand me something/try to assist me with something,I feel like slapping your hand and say "Stop being a fucking tease.. You're making it hard for me to focus!"
When we say good bye, "Walk faster please? So I could miss you faster.."

Guess I'm wishing my life away,with these things I'll never say. - Avril Lavigne

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