Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too Girlish? I AM A GIRL!

It really puzzles me how I can transform from an extremely feminine little girl who wanted to be a princess, into a rocker chic like I am now. I used to be super obsessed with silk dresses, eating in luxurious restaurants or diners and somewhat in love with Barbie dolls ; right now, I'm the total opposite of my 5-year-old self. I noticed this strange evolution since I was about 7 or 8, when my brothers exposed me to awesome rock bands like The Offsprings, Metallica, Guns & Roses, Butterfingers, Linkin Park etc. To everyone's surprise, this spoiled little brat actually enjoyed those and gradually transformed into an entirely different person both appearance and personality wise.I started to hate everything with skirts, and started wearing shorts and jeans. My musical taste changed from mellow Disney songs and ballads to rock and punk. I even have a typical boy's mindset about life ! Some say it's because my age gap with my brothers is smaller than my age gap with my sister, so they're pretty much my childhood playmate and have influenced me a lot in many different angles of life. Wanna know the ironic part? Not only do I act like a boy,I talk like one too! And this has made my mom worried,but not for long, because she was so relieved to learn that I still have traits that make me a girl apart from my natural physique; but seriously, I can assure you, in spite of my new year resolution to be more girlish, I still plan to keep some of my boyish traits that make me who I am today. Let's make a quick review on my boyish side:

  1. My passion for guitars.  Thank you Captain Obvious! Acoustic guitars are quite common among girls, you can see artists like Taylor Swift or Yuna playing them on stage, but my not-so-common interest is on electric guitars. Honestly, tell me how many girls do you know who are so into guitars that they actually bother to level up to lead guitars? only a teaspoonful, some even assumed electric guitars are built for boys! i'm glad a few female electric guitarists budded to prove otherwise.
  2. My interest in basketball. This speaks for itself. it started when i watched Space Jam with my brothers, then i got my dad to buy me a basketball and a basketball net.Simple math, typical girls play netball,i play basketball.
  3. My disliking to go shopping. There's a few exceptions though,i only shop when i have an aim,like if i find myself not having anything to wear to an occasion ; but certainly not for leisure. 
  4. My hatred of reading, especially history. I only read 9gag lol.Reading bores me in ways unimaginable, although some books are certainly excellent reads, others are just utter rubbish.
  5. My lack of sensitivity in words or sometimes action. I talk and act like a sailor,enough said.
  6. My mannerism and 'bro chemistry' with boys. I get along with boys almost too easily, not in a slutty way but I blend in the gang so well, that sometimes they forget I'm a girl. In worse cases, I've better chemistry with boys than girls.
  7. My hatred of flowers and anything with laces/ruffles. Unless you're a landscape or fashion designer, liking any of these as a guy could only mean one thing : you're gay.
  8. My hatred for things that limit my movement( clothes/long skirts/high heels) and love for action/adventure Only cross-dressing guys would love long skirts/heels, not that I have anything against them. I'd love some outfits that don't limit my mobility, because I'm really into adventurous sports and activities, have yet to try paintball,rock-climbing and laser tagging though.
  9. My desire for space and time alone. This explains why I'm still single, guys would just assume that by being clingy, all girls would feel protected,it's a different story in my case. I HATE dependent guys.
  10. My interest in computers and games. Do the math, I'm a computing student,and my classmates are mostly guys :D
  11. My overrated sense of humor. I seem to overdo my jokes sometimes,and most of the time I mean no harm and have absolutely no intention to be kinky, my words just seem to come out wrong -.-
  12. My ego and narcissism I am somewhat self-centered to a certain degree and can't accept advice in certain situations or things I feel that I'm good enough at.
  13. My failure to express myself I find it hard to admit to people if I'm mad,or depressed. I seldom show it unless it goes above the line.
  14. My suckish hospitality skills   Let's just say I'm only gonna catch up on cooking and sewing a few months before my wedding,lol. but hey, I do the dishes and laundry,and cut vegetables! close enough eh?
  15. My ignorance on details I see life as a big picture and don't quite go to details.

Now let's look at my girly side:
  1. My sentimental side. When I fall in love, I start to appreciate love songs and cute little moments I spend with the person I secretly love.
  2. My insecurity and doubt. I'm not really a person with high self-esteem,especially when it comes to appearance and intelligence. I envy girls who are far superior than I am, prettier or smarter,although I never let that negativity get the better of me.
  3. PMS I get bad-tempered when it comes to that time of the month, sorry victims,it's out of my control xD
  4. My bad sense of direction I'm not implying that all girls have it, but majority does,so I might as well generalize it. Proof? I lost my way THRICE when directing my friends to send me home or to uni FROM my house.
  5. My love for fashion & makeup All girls wanna look pretty no matter what,right? I don't quite do heavy makeup,natural works well. Just a smear of lip gloss and a tint of blusher will do the trick ; or in special occasions, I'd just touch up a tiny portion of my eyelids and that's it. and yes,I confess,I still keep up with the latest trends.
  6. My interest in chic flicks & soap operas Yes i love chic flicks like Twilight & Titanic, and I follow a lot of soap operas : Indonesians, Venezuelans, Spanish, Japanese, Malay.. you name it!
  7. My fragility I cry,just as much as other girls do when I encounter failures or when I feel that I can't take it anymore. I lose it and just,cry.
  8. My taking offence over excessive remarks You can call me bitch, but if you call me fat,you're a goner,lol.
  9. My love for all things purple/pink and adorable I'm a big fan of shades of pink,purple and almost everything with fur.
  10. My craving for comfort food I sometimes opt for desserts when I'm depressed,or just generally sweets. They spoil my diet,but make me happy.
  11. My self-conciousness I always wanna look flawless, ALWAYS
  12. My disgusted-ness towards pests I squeal at the very side of snakes,mice,roaches,lizards (just to name a few) like any other girls on this planet.
  13. My hyperventilation when exposed to images of abs. Only fit ones please.*cough TaylorLautner *cough
  14. My fangirlishness towards bands
  15. My secret desire to settle down and be a mum
And the dominant side is..... *drumrolls*

So yeah, I ended up buying the dress coz it's lovely,and most of my girl friends are proud of me xD on my way to achieve one of my new year resolutions : to be a girly girl !

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