Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why K-Pop Isn't My Thing

Kpop fans I'm warning you,you wouldn't like this so feel free to proceed elsewhere if you can't bear to hear your idols being ditched by me. Otherwise, stay and hear me out.Just a message to people out there who think they can get through me when I clearly said I'm into Western music.

I've always been known as 'that rocker chic who plays guitar and is obsessed with all things punk', so much so that it's like my middle name now. It's not like I have a reputation to uphold, but I really do live up to that certain lengthy middle name people have been giving me.I know,not all rockers dislike Kpop, but really,ever since my friends in Muar started to get into all things Korean, I found myself to be a bit left out.YES I did enjoy Winter Sonata,Autumn in My Heart and Full House,they each have their strengths in terms of storyline, but that's just the soap operas. Let's get to the music. The ballads are undeniably soothing and placed at the right moments of the stories to toy around with our emotions, then again there was this thing called Kpop. I thought,okay since I wanna be a musician,why not give it a whirl and be a universal music appreciator. I tried listening to it,and also googled for pictures of the Kpop stars which my friends had deemed as 'hot',clearly I wasn't into it at all.It's been years and I haven't budged from my stand of being on the non-Kpop fan side.And now people are trying hard to get me to like it -.- dude seriously? I was entirely annoyed enough seeing B2ST live at MTV World Stage because they took too much time and made me wait so long for Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars to perform. Let me clarify the exact reasons pertaining to why I can never become a KPop fan.

  1. Weak vocals - I'm in no way competent to judge one's singing due to my insufficient level of singing capabilities but to me, if you struggle to reach a note,you're too nasal to the point of shouting, you can't sing. Not only do they have such pitching problems, they also have breathing weaknesses and their vocals always sound too airy for my liking.The girls are high pitched in a very disturbing way,something that reminds me of why I hate Vanessa Hudgens. Their songs are bloody easy to sing in spite of the fact they had to juggle singing and dancing on stage, it's never an excuse to suck.
  2. Annoying tunes and beats. - This speaks for itself. They use such irritating sounds and effects. Listening to the intro of their songs alone is torture for me, too much of synth and all these unnecessary artificial beats,not to mention excessive usage of autotune.
  3. Silly lyrics. - Stuff like "ratatatata" "dandaratantam" and "ring ding dong" dafuq is that?? What do they even mean? Songs are supposed to express your emotions, rambling out random syllables just don't cut it.Why do I cope with Gaga instead? It's because as trashy as her music sounds,she compensates with her highly empowered vocals, not to mention her enthusiastic charisma on stage.
  4. Pointless scenes in the MV's. - The song is about a girl,but the intro of the MV shows a few guys,shirtless,breaking out into some heartbreak dance routine and splashing in unison. You can barely tell the relation between the songs and their supposedly complementing MV. As for the girls, it's a must to laugh and make duckfaces at each other.
  5. Cliche' dance routines - Chest thrust, open jacket, something like shuffling but in a faster tempo, open glasses,throw stuff till they shatter when they hit the wall. Yes,very nice.Very sexy. Why am I not turned on? Coz they're lame and almost the same everytime.That's for the guys,as for the girls, wear hot pants or short skirts,show off lovely lady legs, move that curves,Wow.. seriously,is this art?
  6. Too pretty/ too much fashion emphasis - Needless to say their style is overrated, their clothes are too fancy for their capabilities. i understand the fact that they're celebrities and are somewhat trend setters, but overdressing gets you nowhere,love.
  7. Trying too hard to exaggerate cuteness - Koreans are naturally adorable, if they don't try too hard. Puffing your cheeks? Plastic surgery? Excessive makeup? Absurd hairstyles? Duckface? Dressing up like 5-year-olds? You gotta do better than that.
  8. They all look the same - Self-explanatory. To this day I can never tell them apart,let alone tell which members are which in individual groups.I find it freaky.
  9. Too mainstream - When it gets famous,it gets overrated.When it gets overrated,it sucks. Simple math.
  10. Their fanbase goes overboard ALL THE DAMN TIME - Not all of them,I was just annoyed by the very few that somewhat worship these bands. Sure it's okay to simply paste the posters in our bedroom or change your fb profile picture to their photos, but seriously dude, I got shoved and squished by Kpop fans who wanna see B2ST the other day,not only did they physically abuse me,they also SHOUTED in my ears the lyrics of the kpop songs, and shrieked at every muscle the kpop stars moved.It was such a torture. As much as enthralled as I was to see Simple Plan,I didn't remember harassing people with my fandom. I simply cannot stand them at all. Fangirling is a normal thing but really, don't go overboard. Other people wanna see the show too. Don't hog the audience space for yourselves,be considerate.
Guess I've proven my point now.


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