Friday, December 27, 2013

When Everything Feels like the Movies ... bleed just to know you're alive.

It's been awhile since my last post,so I just thought I'd be a little theatrical with my update as a compensation for my absence hehe. A lot has been going on but I think I will recap everything on new year's eve as I usually do,simply because there are just too much to write about!

So technically the above shot of Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan is from this 1998 movie called City of Angels which inspired numerous amazing songs (i.e Iris by Goo Goo Dolls and Angel by Sarah McLachlan).Out of curiosity,I decided to torrent it and finally watched it today.I underestimated its quality due to the 6.6 rating on IMDB but to my surprise,it was actually a pretty good movie! The storyline was very straightforward, revolving around the life of Seth (the angel of death,portrayed by Nicholas Cage) who fell for a heart surgeon (Maggie Rice) so he gave up his immortality to be with her. He had no regrets, as his quote goes :
"I would rather have one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth,one touch of her hand ; than an eternity without it. One!" Apparently, the movie implied that angels do not fear,feel,taste and touch and that by giving up immortality alone, Seth was able to experience these. Iris made a lot more sense to me now ,especially the line "I would give up forever to touch you". It was eye-opening to the very least,especially when I can relate to it. A few days back I wished I didn't have emotions because feelings hurt, but bless this movie,I had an entirely different perspective on life now.  Emotions seem to be the only aspect that tells apart human beings from other entities with almost similar level of intelligence. Emotions are the only proof that we are living, which brings me to yet another movie I personally adore regardless of its logic.

Sometimes I wish I didn't have feelings, but then I was brought back to the days when all I could feel was numbness. It was hell,I didn't laugh,I couldn't cry and I had amazing anger management but I felt empty.It was almost as if I was a mindless,soul-less shell of a human being,walking about just for the sole purpose of existing.

Life may be fragile and immortality may be desirable, but nothing beats the beauty of emotions and the ability to sense.Sometimes it's good to get hurt,it reminds you that your heart is still beating and your soul is still intact.

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