Sunday, May 24, 2009



hey peeps! don't worry,this isnt another one of my terrible melancholic's another story i'd like to share with all of's called being addicted to music.
dang~ i'm so addicted to the five guys in the above picture.have u seen or heard of them?if u haven't,then check your wallets.are you even the resident of malaysia? XD
they're pretty much a renown indie favourite called the estranged! their music totally rocks,and i would go extra miles just to watch them live.fierce supporter indeed! there's an upcoming gig on the 4th of june,do you guys wanna come?leave me a comment and let's connect.i really need companion so badly right now.

and ehem...can't wait...

to meet enha!! lol.sorry guys,i'm too excited that's all.

damn..i'm in love with a rockstar? haha.oh well.
can't believe i'm actually skipping a school event (which is anugerah alam sekitar whtever) to attend this gig and my mom was ok with it! life gets better as i go..

till then,toodles.another week to suffer till it's time for freedom!

-the bold one.

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