Sunday, May 24, 2009

oh no

Here We Go Again

we can all be fickle-minded sometimes.i mean face it,this is the age of confusion and decisions,so don't blame me! so here's another funny thing.

here's how i contradicted myself when..

i said i hated drums while i actually love them.

i said i hated habbo while i love them.

i said i hated webcams while i love them.

and of course,said i got over him while i haven't.drummerboy loves gigs,so do i.hence,i txted him asking whether he wants to come first no,but this morning,he said probably yes.miow~ can't believe i actually smiled when i talked to him.and the smile remained even after he was gone for several minutes.i'm really fickle-minded people,that's just me.i thought i got over him months ago,but's a lie.he doesnt really have to know that i'm into him though,although sometimes it seemed a little too obvious that it is so.drums,spending hours on habbo till the break of dawn and webcam sessions on yahoo messenger,need i say more?
frankly,he's not my type,really.but there's something that made me wait for him for makes me wonder what..


In No Time
Im barely out of my mind
It’s gonna turn blue
this feeling’s made me blind
and overdue
I’ve said my silly goodbyes
I even lost you
It only signalled lies
can i please undo
to make you
and still I
because I
dont wanna push you

I fear the glow in you
have lit my shade away
Instead I found a suiting space
right for my place
Im in lay
I need rest now
In no time
It’ll be mine

I speak inside of my own
sometimes i listen
at times i think too much
and see much less
if craving meant i was scared
and longing isn’t
then why must i have cared
for both to mean

-addicted to this song by Estranged ;p

-we're all fools for love sometimes.

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