Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cikgu J - the Blogumentary

"jauh kumenuju jauh semakin jauh,kanan kiri ku tiada hanya di depanku.."

sounds familiar?it's the soundtrack "Marabahaya" from this movie called Impak Maksima,directed by Ahmad Idham(yes it's IDHAM,moots.NOT AZHAM,hahahah).to be perfectly frank,i'm not really a big fan of this song but what i'm trying to point out here is the band who created and performed that song.let me give you a little clue if you're still on the blur side:

still no idea?? okay,i won't play the guessing game for too long.this band's called Pop Shuvit :) and that picture i used of them is pretty old,about five years old if i'm not's very surreal that this band had lasted for so long,with all the original five members being loyal to the band right to this very day.they started to shine when their first single 'Skater's Anthem' became international,having broadcasted all over the globe for XGames.i've been supporting them since i was at a tender age of 7,back then i wasn't really into rock but somehow,their music appealed to me,as well as other awesome bands like Disagree,Nice Stupid Playground,LO, OAG..all the other seasoned's unbelievable how my interest in these bands are still strong even though it's been a decade since i first discovered's safe to say that i grew up with their music,from when i was only as tall as their waists until i've almost grown to their heights,literally.and life-changing my adolescence had been partly because of Pop Shuvit.why them?why not Estranged?i've been a big fan of Estranged too,but hey,i didn't see it coming either.

it all started in 2008,when i got that golden opportunity to participate in the Malaysian Camp Rock.ahh the memories,the many things i've learnt there and the many friends i made.thanks to camp rock,my life will never be the same :)

somehow,i kept in touch with JD or as i jokingly called him,Cikgu J XDD i guess that's where the name came from,when he presented the talk on songwriting,he sounded a bit like a very well-mannered teacher.

and then came my dearest Afi,who changed my life a lot as well.again,thanks to Cikgu J.starting from this moment,i knew that i had to pursue my dream no matter what.before this,i had the desire to succeed in music but i had no absolute encouragement,but knowing that Cikgu J is willing to be behind me all the way,i gained a new spirit,pushing me forward as the day goes by.

2008 passed.2009 came.twitter became something vital,and twitter was and still is,our best communication was through twitter that i kept myself connected with him,and with twitter also,is how he guided me whenever he gets the chance to.he's always keeping himself updated about my progress too.surprisingly,he even reminded me to practice on my 16th birthday.

it says "Thanks for all the support!!! Have a sweet 16th birthday,keep practicing that guitar and keep rocking!!! from us,Pop Shuvit."

i had to re-read it a few thousand times at least,LOL.he remembers,and what touched me the most is the scene at his studio.who can ever forget this unsuspecting scene?

and then there's Rock The World..AGAIN..he asked for my progress,which was actually a little bit shocking and got me speechless.stalling was my expertise,so that's what i did,LOL.i didn't have much progress back then,simply because i was too preoccupied with school.and that extremely funny "my anak murid" remark he gave me as soon as he saw me at the meet and greet table.

and of course,the latest gig was sokker safari :D

no,i don't mean to's something that i think i must share with all of humble a seasoned band can be despite being international,unlike the new bands.they've only been popular in singapore and indonesia yet they act as if they're global.but not Pop Shuvit,they're amazing to say the least.they've been in the industry for quite some time now,and yet,they're willing to guide anyone and everyone who's interested to be a musician just like them.

so the bottomline? the motive of this post is actually to explain why and how i came to be somewhat friends with them,and of course the 'Cikgu J' nickname i gave to mr wong.aha.and NO,i'm NOT related to azlan rudy,coincidentally i call him bro,we have similar names and somehow look alike.however,it doesn't mean we're blood-related.'bro' is a sign of respect,considering our large age gap (no i mean it,like REALLY large age gap,he's 16 years older than me..that's even older than my eldest sister).and plus,my biological brother's name is AZRAL not AZLAN.haha..and NO i'm not related to cikgu J either,i'm not a Wong :)

i guess that should be a long enough explanation.toodles.

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