Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wish I Could Save You

"Sometimes i wish i could save you,
And there's so many things that I want you to know,
I won't give up till it's over,
If it takes you forever,I want you to know...."

yesterday when i came to school,i had to rush everything.i threw my bags on the floor behind the open hall and ran to the backstage to prepare for the English Day performance alongside the rest of the Activians.nabeel had the keyboard set up and hazem had gotten the P.A System ready for us,now what's left to be done is only to go up the stage and try our very best not to screw up and end up making fools out of ourselves,again.LOL.we went up,aisyah made a little intro speech and the performance began.i don't know why,this song had gotten into me right to this day.when SImple Plan wrote it,it was dedicated to cancer patients all over the globe,and it reminded me a lot of my dad.the emotions got hold of me and before i knew it,it had a firm grip on my voice too.all my shyness faded away and i was singing my heart out to the song.needless to say my singing is a little off,despite what yana said:

okay so we talked about spain,and then she diverted the topic to the English Day performance.but anyhow,i enjoyed it,seriously.i didn't really consider it as a cheap publicity or another utter embarrassment of ourselves,instead,i considered it as an honor to be able to perform one last time.

i guess the song meant a lot to me,and having my friends along on stage makes it even more meaningful.

p/s: i still love you,marco.

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