Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peace Of Mind

They are not 'the one' just yet, but give it time.

There is someone marginally in your life just-now. You like them, but they are not 'the one.' This is not a bad thing, as 'The best things' come to those who wait. It may take weeks, it may take months, or it may even take years, but you'll build-up a friendship with this person, and the friendship will glow more and more each day, but the glow won't be the light as we see from a light-bulb. It will be the glow of love, and since only two people will be part of this particular friendship inside that glow, then you will both only be 'in-love' with each-other. This light of love will banish all shadows, and you will be a beacon and inspiration to all in this world of sceptical shadows. Remember, love is a gift. Do you give and accept? The choice is yours.

this gave me some sort of serenity knowing that love is friendship set on fire.there's no harm starting off as friends,so yes.i guess i'll give you a chance,Marco.if you can prove yourself worthy,i'll let you stay.i'll unlock that light house you've always wanted to go up to,and we can spend all day and all night gazing at the stars at night through the windows.

i have faith in you.

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