Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Senses Fail ...

blinded by all things depressing,i can say that today has been quite an empty day.yes,i am egoistic and me whatever you want,label me however you wish,i won't barge from my stand as i know i am now on the right track.and yes,i am a sexist and i discriminate people of the opposite gender.i have been upset,not once,not twice but millions of times by these people and i confess that i can no longer take it patience has its limits and apparently someone had gone overboard.if you want me to apologize,make sure that it's my fault first.i certainly will NOT apologize for something that YOU have done.i got offended before and i was stupid enough to apologize to you while it was clearly YOUR OFFENCE and NOT MINE.right now,it's deja vu,but this time,i won't let history repeat itself.i will NEVER come crawling to you guys to beg for your apology anymore.i won't bend that low.come to think of it,why should i be sad for people who don't even care about how i feel right?it's a major epiphany that only half of my friends are truly sincere to which half do you belong to?pick a side or hit the road! i don't care what people think of me anymore,if you like me,stay.if you don't,'s that simple.

on a brighter note,Marco managed to cheer me up a bit at least for once.WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO NOTICE HOW DOWN I'VE BEEN?? lmao.nevertheless,i really appreciate your attempt to make me feel worthwhile,even though i know that i'm a useless,senseless,heartless (and might even be brainless) person.i speak with my emotions rather than my mind and sometimes i can easily blow the top of my head over something petty.but hey,i'm human,and thanks for accepting me for who i am.and thanks for making me feel better when my friends turn against me.i know i was blind before but now i can see it crystal-clear :)

tell me these aren't just mere foolish senses?prove me right for once.

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