Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Break both your guitar AND your heart

"Sara: Relationships are for people who are just waiting for something better to come along."
Hitch (2005)

i guess today is exactly as what they would say,never count your chickens before the eggs hatch.never expect something out of an uncertainty.the saying makes perfect sense now.i thought the day was gonna be perfect,but heck,once again,my luck took a 360 degree all started when i wanted to learn a new guitar skill,the pinched tell you the truth,it's NOT a walk in the park,it's really complex even when i'm using electric guitar,but that's not my i was too preoccupied with the new skill,disaster struck.i could have sworn i had a firm grip on Afi the guitar,but unfortunately i didn't.the only physical support i had for him is his strap,it snapped and then CRASSSSHHH! Afi tumbled flat on the floor with a loud bang,sounded kinda like a motorbike running into a metal pole,that's how loud it was.i inspected him from top to bottom,and this was what i discovered :

observe the red lines that mark the perimeters of the large guitar will never be the same :( luckily,only the exterior part of Afi was damaged,his inners are still okay,which means he's durable,hehe.damn you destiny and gravity!

it doesn't stop there,worse comes worse,apparently what i wrote in my song is actually true. "Marco,you're blindfolded.You'd see an open door and walk away like you've always done before".it's clear to me how IGNORANT you are,Marco.when will you take a pause and just think?i know that you're more than aware about how i feel,in fact,the whole school does despite how hard i try to hide it from them,to pretend that i'm okay and that my love for you is just another figment of my imagination.if you think you're gonna remain with your stand,then fine.i won't force you,i won't bother you nor will i ever ug your life anymore.i'll make this a history,although a painful one.i'm giving up,thanks for everything.thanks A LOT.

if you think you know everything about me,about how i feel,about everything that i keep locked up within me,THINK AGAIN.

"Rose:A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."
Titanic (1997)

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