Saturday, September 4, 2010

Song for Marco

well guys,i'm just gonna make this quick.a couple of days ago,i worked on this song called 'Marco' and today,thanks to God Almighty,i have finally finished it! here it is:

here's the description i wrote on FB:

-an original song i wrote for someone i fell for,whom I nicknamed 2nd original song uploaded on FB.might record it next year.any vocalists interested?about the video,i turned off the amp because i couldn't hear my own voice (and yes i know,i sang the wrong lyrics,Lol.the correct one is here...)
title: Marco
fully written by : Leanna Scarlet (me)


Verse 1:
I've waited so long to convey words that i just cannot say
In the form of melody,though you'll never ever try to
see right through me
I've tried too hard to understand things that i can't comprehend
And put this confusion to an end,though i doubt that i will ever
stand a perfect chance

chorus 1:
The pain is cutting deeper,if we waited any longer
are we getting somewhere?guess we'll never know now that
you'll never be there,never be there

Verse 2:
I've covered all I feel inside,mislead them all with my sense of pride
I'm trying to make the wrong things right though i know that
destiny can never be denied

chorus 2:
The distance's growing wider,emotion's going wilder
Marco,you're blindfolded
You'd see an open door and walk away like you've always done

This is the last time i'd confess,so listen well and forget the rest
You have my heart,my mind,my soul
Now that you know,hey Marco please don't let me go


afterwards,i tweeted about it since most of my friends are already asking me when am I going to record my songs in a proper studio and i think all of you can guess who was the first one to respond:

indeed,it was cikgu.translated,the tweet reads as follows:
" yes my dear friends,upon popular demand (popular?) next year i'll be hitting the studio,but first i need a vocalist.any volunteers?"
and then cikgu tweeted about getting featured on the song.either it was a joke or otherwise,it was enough to thrill me as much as when he offered a collaboration with Pop Shuvit! who would've known that the band i grew up listening to would actually let me work with them?

i guess this fortune cookie here's not lying after all when it said:

and to top it all off,my first gig will be in December after my SPM! wish me luck guys.i really want this.

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