Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dreading 12-year-olds 12 days Prior SPM

can't believe how fast time flies,yesterday i remembered being 12 and getting my UPSR result slip and now it's 12 days until my SPM! congrats to all successful UPSR candidates :) savour your easy going life before you turn 17,LMAO.

today also marks the last day of being in a proper classroom with my KD10 classmates,i think we've made the best of it.i'm sure gonna miss being part of the noisiest gang in KD10 :( but thanks to technology,leaving school's not gonna be that bad.we can still chat and hang out right?as long as we keep in touch.well guys,this is it.this is our biggest shot in our school life,it's the grand finale to our 11years of school,SPM. best of luck everyone.i love you guys!

yesterday,we also had some really emotional moments in was the last Chemistry and Physics class we'll ever have in our lives (unless we repeat SPM of course,lol).At least we'll still get to keep in touch with Mr Loke but not Mr Zeelen.oh well,everything good has to end was good while it lasted.may the memories cherish our everyday life.

Mr Loke Skywalker!

*on seeing Kak Nisha struggling to carry the projector out of the classroom*
"Mr Loke: see,Malaysian boys are not gentleman at all.
Nisha: sir,you also the same lah sir.
Mr Loke: -_- "

Mr Zeelen :D