Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surprise 'Good Luck' Dinner

i skipped school today knowing that if i don't,i'll end up wasting my precious two weeks since the teachers are busy with our textbook scheme.i wasn't involved,so i stayed at home.the only reason for me to go out today is my seminar in Perfection Academy,so i thought.then suddenly Rin tweeted me saying that she and Jijie were planning to have dinner with me downstairs.i guess you can call it a surprise 'Good Luck' dinner considering how long they've been planning to do this without my knowledge,haha! as i tweeted,being bloated at 10pm,gossiping by the pool and camwhoring at the kids' playground aren't really the things that make up a typical 14 nights before spm thing,but what the hayy ~ :D thanks girls!

tha kidnappers and our dinner XD

me with my gossip sisters rin and jijie by the pool at my condo.

good luck card! :D

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Cik Halie said...

adikku yana. sorry i didnt get 2 join rin n jijie for ur surprise-good-luck-dinner last nite. rin did ask me to come along but unfortunately i hv an extra busy day today at work. got some event goin on. afraid that if i join then i overdo the poya2 thing takut nnti ada yg xgi keje nnti kang arini. huhu. neway i'm so sorry i couldnt make it. will make it up to u someday somehow. ;)

Leanna Scarlet said...

kak halie,it's alright :) it's the thought that counts.i have a lot of free time after spm,maybe you can join us then?