Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life is a book God has Written about us

I'm supposed to be having a super productive weekend of working on my 5 assignments due within two weeks but instead,I don't know what's gotten in to me,I keep procrastinating to this day,only to know that the long weekend's over and tomorrow I gotta go for classes again.

Mission: work on English 450-word essay assignment on e-mails.
Time elapsed: 12 hours.
Progress: still in essay development plan.
Procrastination level : ASIAN.
Rank: Professional procrastinator and staller.

I've been reading too much 9gag and probably have been gaming too much too.This is exactly what you get for being "one of the boys",literally.Ever since I joined Band 93,I've been acting like a boy,but no worries,I still have high school crushes and cry like a girl xD well,back to the topic,I honestly have no idea what i've done all weekend.My productivity level decreases as I'm getting older and I know things are gonna get ugly if this persists.I need to get an epiphany of some sort to get my life back on track,I've been too out of focus lately and I give less fuck than I'm supposed to.It worries me in so many ways.I have had several tight slaps from life for keep delaying my tasks,yet somehow the "once beaten twice shy" proverb just doesn't take much effect on me,probably because I'm too thick-skinned,I dunno.Whatever it is,I promise, thou shalt not pass if thou  does not henceforth thy tasks << I have no idea what i'm saying,so just bear with me.

So as part of my reasons to delay my important tasks and screw up my non-existent supposedly-efficient schedule,I talked to Ken Yue (one of my closest friends).He needed a shoulder to cry on (or rather,to punch out his anger on) and he felt so demotivated.I had to say something,and for this,the philosophical side of me started to shine.He complained how life has been hard on him and whatever he does will meet failure sooner or later,I noticed the fact that I have been experiencing similar situation and I too,have crumbled.Crying was a good temporary remedy,yet it's insufficient to fully get rid off the root of the problem.In the pursuit of happiness,tears are bound to fall and people are bound to bleed,no matter who you are.No matter how suckish your life is,and no matter how much you feel like your life is not worth living anymore *cough*suicidal thoughts*cough*,always bear in mind that God made His creations the best that they could ever imagine to be,and His plans,although they're beyond our knowledge, are for nothing but the best.In my perspective,I look at life like a book,written by God.Moving on and not giving up after a tragedy is like reading the next chapter,if you don't do it,you will piss God off as He has made an effort to write one of the most epic stories about your life and yet you're being a bitch by not wanting to read it or even have a tiny peep on it at all.How would you feel if people don't appreciate your masterpiece?Let alone with the fact that God is a heavenly Being,therefore his superiority leaves you no choice but to go with His flow of the story,which for me will eventually hook you up with the most unexpected fairy tale ending you can ever think of.So why live in the past whilst you have a future to walk to?

Quoting Jurassic Park :"Life finds a way".

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