Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's a long way to the top

Any fans of AC/DC in the house?No? What about School of Rock? Anyone? The questions are actually related to the title of this post,which is 'stolen' by yours truly from one of the best and most inspiring song from the classic rock genre : It's a Long Way to the Top by none other than the legen...(wait for it) dary AC... (wait for it) DC! If you haven't heard of them,may God have mercy on your soul,LOL. You have not been blessed with real music and you need to get yourself to a musical rehab asap! to be perfectly honest,I used to be unaware of the epicness of classic rock until several rock-dedicated movies and documentaries became an eye-opener for me as a whole.I've experienced something we can proudly announce as MUSIC,as in the art,not the bullshit we have in 2011.Then again,that's not my area of focus for now.

"It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.."  brief,straight-forward,yet meaningful.

Nobody said rocking was a walk in the park.As all of you might have already known,I'm in a band called Band 93 (lame name,predictable significance,I know).We may be newly-formed but somehow we've developed a brotherhood-sisterhood bond over the weeks and hours of practicing together,so much so that I'm actually anticipating our next gig now that I'm missing my boys so terribly,and I guess I'm not the only one who gives a crap.Nadzmi was excited about our weekly planned jam sessions, Ken Yue is starting to come up with song suggestions and numerous arrangements in his head as I sat every midnight sharpening my guitar skills and sometimes,taking long showers thinking about the future of the band.Like wow,it's overwhelming enough that we,unlike Gastro Geeks, are definitely NOT a one-show band.Somehow,we stuck together since the MJ Night event,to the Twisties audition to Step Up and we're currently still waiting for the next gig to fall on our laps.

Speaking of the future,we clearly need more practice.We need to tighten the band.We are aware of our weaknesses and are willing to do a couple of sacrifices to rectify them.Then again,one question remains," How far do we want this band to go?" By the looks of it,we do have potential to get far,that is,if we manage to carve a niche and find our sound; and if we're lucky,stand out the right place and the right time to make it to the top.Admittedly,Malaysia has a very oversaturated musical industry whereby new talents sprout almost every minute and some of them do not get the exposure they deserve while other live by 'fame of their useful cables'.Each and every one of the members of Band 93 are committed full-time students,we only rock during our spare time and we have careers planned out for our future - relating to our respective courses,of course. Me & Ken Yue - future programmers,Nadzmi - future engineer, Neo - future lawyer, Adam - future chef, Josh - future journalist/broadcast manager.Music is our passion,it is something we fight for because it has done so much for us when words fail and when life felt meaningless at some points.

After much thinking,I suddenly recalled the moment when we all sat in a circle in the contestants' room back in KDU.I asked my bandmates : " How far will we get?" They answered me with , " We're only doing this for FUN."  Indeed,it wasn't the answer I had expected.Post-audition,we came to an epiphany. WE SUCK,but somehow,something stops us from giving up. I saw the rage in their eyes,I knew this was the right time to ask the same question again. "How far will we get?" They each answered exactly what I had predicted in my mind " Hollywood Boulevard!" As far-fetched as it may sound,it's more like a dare-devil's dream to me.Then again,it's never wrong to aim for the stars,as long as we work hard enough to get what we desire. :)

A tiny piece of advice from Cikgu JD : "in pursuit of the 'Hollywood dream' it should at the core of things, always be fun otherwise u stand 2 lose more than u gain."

Thank you sensei,for the guidance and never-ending support despite the fact I have failed your expectations once.I promise,it will never happen again. God bless you,JD Wong :)

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