Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Recaps & 2012 expected adventures

2011 had been a great year for me, despite of the topsy-turvy ride in fortune I've been having, it's been fun. Many things had changed, both expected AND unexpected. I can't thank God more for granting me life to live in 2012.These are just some of the highlights I've had last year (lol.. ).

JANUARY: The birth of Scarlet Got A Band.

FEBRUARY: Officially 18!

MARCH : The breakup.

APRIL: The beginning of university life,and getting a driving license.

MAY: First illegal driving experience,.. might have found 'him'.

JUNE: Elite team! and the birth of Dexandyana.

JULY: Realising i'm in love.. and MTV World Stage 2011! witnessed two epic bands : 30 Secs to Mars and Neon Trees.

AUGUST: The Awesome Raya in Perlis,Penang & Kedah.

SEPTEMBER: MIME Battle of The Bands.

OCTOBER : MJ - Moonwalking in Taylor's 2011 concert (first Band 93 gig ever), met ALL TIME LOW at Rockaway Fest 2011 and got a hug AND guitar pick from Alex Gaskarth!

NOVEMBER: Twisties Superstarz Audition - we failed,TWICE,haha.

DECEMBER: Step UP! for charity concert.Another gig for Band 93.

HNY2012 everybody! may this year bring you great joy,coz I just know mine will. Simple Plan & Avril coming to town yo! gonna be seein them before i begin my degree year.Yeah baby,i'm on a roll!

..and no worries,the end of the world prophecy thing is BS, 21/12/12 may fall on a Friday,but doesn't mean it's true.

if it is,i want it to be a zombie apoclaypse. hehe...prepare your rifles,bombs,food supply and zombie-proof shelter.have a great year ahead! while you still can.


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